Future of Wrestling

          The Future of Wrestling (TheFOW 2007) is a Florida-based promotion that does not limit its promotional boundaries to the Sunshine State. TheFOW will begin its fifth year continuing to promote aggressively with no limit in sight. FOW events have already taken place in South America, a status that has not yet been reached by any other promotion in the world. TheFOW features many different styles, with the emphasis on wrestlers who take big risks and throw caution to the wind.

          Whether itís hardcore craziness, heroic high-flying, hard-nosed wrestling, or a good old-fashioned hard right hand, the FOW does it all and holds nothing back. When you witness an FOW event, you know you are going to see non-stop action! Just when you think youíve seen it all TheFOW delivers even more insanity! If you havenít seen an FOW event yet, then what are you waiting for? Check out all the table-breaking, thumbtack-sticking, barbwire slashing, high-flying mayhem now!


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