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NAME: Al Bino (Naphtali)
WEIGHT: 166lbs.
HOMETOWN: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
FINISHER: Any Insane Dive from the Top Rope, often to the outside, into the crowd, through a table, onto chairs, etc.
MANAGER: Ron Niemi
ALLIES: A loner.
TITLES HELD: FOW Light Weight 2x, FOW Tag Team w/Chris Charger, 2001 (tie) Match of the Year w/Chris Charger vs. Dennis & Sean Allen.
CAREER MOMENTS: Al Bino is also known as Naphtali in other promotions. He is not known for being a sane competitor and often endures more injury when executing a move than the person he hits it on. Has had a love/hate relationship with the fans but never changes his views or style. Scored an impressive victory over Low Ki.


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