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NAME: Anthony Michaels
WEIGHT: 253lbs.
HOMETOWN: New York, New York
FINISHERS: Inverted Russian Leg Sweep, You Lose.
MANAGERS: Blare Rogers & Silhouette
ALLIES: Jeff Roth, Chris Charger, & Billy Fives (Animal House)
TITLES HELD: FOW Tag Team 3x w/ Jeff Roth, 1998 and 1999 Tag Team of the Year w/ Jeff Roth, 2000 Match of the Year w/ Jeff Roth vs. Market Crashers.
CAREER MOMENTS: Before Bubbah and D-Von there was Snot Dudley. Anthony is actually one of the original ECW Dudley Boys. Through his tenure in the FOW he and Jeff Roth have always stuck together even when the office tried to split them up by forcing them to be on opposite sides. He and Jeff were Snot and Schmuck Dudley before becoming the popular Wildside, and finally went through the make over once again to become Animal House with Billy Fives and Chris Charger and have totally revitalized their characters and careers in the FOW at the expense of their popular standing with the fans.


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