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NAME: Billy Fives
WEIGHT: 230lbs
HOMETOWN: Cherokee, North Carolina
FINISHERS: Fallout Face First DDT, Standing Neck Snap & Twist
MANAGERS: Silhouette & Blare Rogers
ALLIES: Chris Charger, Anthony Michaels & Jeff Roth (ANIMAL HOUSE)
TITLES HELD: FOW Title 5x, FOW Tag Team with Anthony Adonis, FOW International, 1999 and 2000 Most Popular Wrestler, 2001 Wrestler of the Year and 2001 (tie) Match of the Year vs. Low Ki.
CAREER MOMENTS: Billy was known early on in his career as The Samurai Kid and later as Billy Viper before coming to the FOW where he was allowed the freedom to use his real name. Billy has competed for numerous indies around the country and was very successful during several tours of South America. Competed in the famed Super 8 and also for WWF locally and on TV. At one time Billy was the most popular wrestler in the FOW before turning his back and forming the Animal House during the first month of FOW Television broadcasts. Billy is the only person to hold the FOW Title 4 times and holds the record for longest FOW Heavyweight Title Reign (10 Months)

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