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NAME: Casey Thompson (Mr. Main Event)
WEIGHT: 252lbs.
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California
FINISHER: Fisherman Suplex
MANAGERS: Fabulous Frank & Shannon Rose
ALLIES: Dave Johnson (The F.Y.U.)
CAREER MOMENTS: Don't let his youthful looks fool you, this bad boy has been around the squared circle for many years. Thompson entered the FOW in the early days with ex-partner Cliff Anderson as the Exterminators under the name Pesticide Pete. This didn't sit well with the fans so Thompson exterminated Anderson (Dead Bug Joe) and donned his own name. Formed the F.Y.U. with Hack Meyers and Dave Johnson managed by Snake Master Abudadein before he and Johnson split off from the group and went off together without Abudadein and Meyers.

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