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NAME: Dave Johnson (Blackhart)
WEIGHT: 249lbs.
HOMETOWN: Calgary Alberta, Canada
FINISHER: Anything that hurts you.
MANAGERS: Fabulous Frank & Shannon Rose
ALLIES: Casey Thompson (The F.Y.U.)
TITLES HELD: FOW Tag Team w/Hack Meyers, FOW International, 2000 Most Inspirational Wrestler
CAREER MOMENTS: Trained by The Great Boris Malenko. One of the Internationally known Blackharts and the only one of the four still using the name today. Began in Calgary Stampede Wrestling in a brutal war against the Hart Family. Very successful in several tours of Japan. Briefly competed in WCW in the mid 90's with Blackhart partner Tom Nash under masks. Is known as the toughest guy in the FOW locker room. During his 15 month reign as International Champion he successfully defended his title again The Sandman, Tatanka, Steve Keirn, Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan, Jerry the King Lawler and many others. Dave's 15 month title reign is the longest FOW Title reign overall, for any title.

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