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NAME: David Babylon
WEIGHT: 201 lbs.
HOMETOWN: Huntington Beach,California
FINISHER: EgoTrip, Bridges to Babylon
TITLES HELD: FOW Light Heavyweight Championship
CAREER MOMENTS: The "Rookie Sensation" captured FOW gold before he was even a part of the FOW. David Babylon is a prime example of someone who has benefited through the FOW's standard of having their championship defended in other locations and always having their titles on the line. David Babylon was scheduled to wrestle for an SECW event in Orlando, Florida and his opponent did not show up. Tommy Vandal, then FOW Light Weight Champion, was put in the spot, thus making it an FOW Light Weight Title Match. David Babylon shocked everyone by defeated the Vandal for the championship and thrusting himself into a spot in the FOW. Babylon is a young, talented athlete with a vast array of exciting, high flying moves. He is very popular with the ladies.

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