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NAME: Dennis Allen (Dirty Dennis)
WEIGHT: 232lbs.
HOMETOWN: Catskill, New York
FINISHER: Death Valley Driver
MANAGER: Lew Spectre
ALLIES: Sean Allen
TITLES HELD: FOW Heavyweight, FOW Tag Team 2x w/Sean Allen, FOW Six Man Tag w/Sean Allen & Derek Allen, 1999 Match of the Year (winner of the 10 Man Table Match), 2000 Tag Team of the Year with Sean Allen, 2001 Match of the Year w/Sean Allen vs. Al Bino & Chris Charger.
CAREER MOMENTS: Received his training from the World Renowned Monster Factory under the supervision of Larry Sharpe in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Competed in the late 80's and part of the 90's for the WWF on Television. Wrestled every top star in the company during that period. Entered the FOW as a hated enemy of Bobby Rogers from an online feud the two had in 1998. Won the very first ever Table Elimination Death Match and the FOW Title in that same match. After everything he has done, and every name and star he has competed with, and every promotion he has worked for, the highlight of his career came in 2000 when he was tricked into wrestling Chris Charger, Larry Lane, and Jon Elias for the FOW Six Man Tag Team Titles and being forced to have his 8 year old son Derek as the partner of he and Sean Allen. They won those titles and defended them for 5 months. There have been thousands and thousands of wrestlers over the years and dozens of second generation wrestlers, but not many to compete with their sons and reign as champions. In late 2001 underwent total knee replacement surgery.


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