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NAME: Fabulous Frank
WEIGHT: 155lbs.
HOMETOWN: San Francisco, California
CARRIES: A Tennis Racquet
REPRESENTS: Dave Johnson & Casey Thompson
TITLES HELD: 1998, 1999, & 2000 Manager of the Year
CAREER MOMENTS: Frank has never been trusted by the fans, including a brief period when he pretended to be on their side and managed the Vandalz. He proved his true colors when he turned on them to assist the Market Crashers. Frank has managed numerous man to FOW Championships including Dennis Allen to the FOW Title, Dennis and Sean to the FOW Tag Team Titles, The Market Crashers to the FOW Tag Team Title twice and others. The fans have always questioned Frank's manhood by chanting "Frank is Gay" which lead to the FOW's top selling T-shirt. Currently Frank can be heard weekly on FOW Television as the co-host with Rob Bitterman. Frank has Shannon Rose taking his ringside duties on TV while The Fabulous One is at the announcer desk.

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