Future of Wrestling



The Fabulous Ones:
Stan Lane and Steve Keirn were one of the most popular Tag Teams to ever come through Florida. They later split up when Stan went main stream to the NWA as part of the Midnight Express with Bobby Eaton and Jim Cornette. Keirn went to the WWF as Skinner and later Doink the Clown. Keirn competed in the FOW as Doink the Clown several times, losing to Mr. Extreme Pat McGuire and Dave Johnson. He also later aligned with Johnson as a Blackhart to wrestle Bruno Sassi. Sassi was victorious in beating both Blackharts that night and won the International Title from Johnson. Keirn and Lane teamed up on the 2nd Anniversary show to face Billy Fives and Anthony Adonis. Their reunion was short lived but the fans were definitely there to see them that night.


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