Future of Wrestling




NAME: Jodi X
WEIGHT: 120lbs.
HOMETOWN: Staten Island, New York
REPRESENTS: Tommy, Ricky, & Johnny Vandal
CAREER MOMENTS: Jodi was literally dragged into the business out of the crowd by Dennis Allen, Fabulous Frank, and Jon Elias and forced to watch them along with Pat McGuire attack her boyfriend, Bobby Rogers. As undoubtedly the tiniest FOW personality she is one of the toughest. She is in the gym more than some of the wrestlers and does a reported 1,000 crunches and sit ups per day. She can really pack away the food, too. Jodi has been known to be a little extreme and has been on the receiving end of piledrivers and ddts through tables. The sickest of all was a top rope tombstone through a table from Chris Charger during the 2002 30 Man Table Match. Her popularity, along with the Vandalz, makes them easily the crowd favorite. Outside of the shows she and Bobby Rogers are still a couple and together own the Future Of Wrestling, INC.

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