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NAME: Johnny Vandal
WEIGHT: 159lbs.
HOMETOWN: The Streets and Back Alleyways of your Neighborhood & Community
FINISHER: Vandalizer
ALLIES: Ricky Vandal & Tommy Vandal
TITLES HELD: FOW Light Weight, 2001 Most Popular Wrestler w/Tommy & Ricky Vandal
CAREER MOMENTS: Top Candidate in 2001 for Rookie of the Year, brought into the business by his brothers Ricky & Tommy. He is the youngest and smallest of the three Vandalz. Has the honor of saying he was the very first ever FOW Light Weight Champion. Don't let his size fool you, he has as much talent as his bigger brothers and as much fan following as them, too. He is quick and agile, he won't beat you with strength but he will wear you down with speed.


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