Future of Wrestling




NAME: Maximum Capacity
WEIGHT: 658lbs.
HOMETOWN: Providence, Rhode Island
FINISHERS: Big Splash, Big Elbow, Leg Drop
ALLIES: none
TITLES HELD: FOW Hardcore, 2001 Rookie of the Year
CAREER MOMENTS: Brought into the FOW by Bobby Rogers as the corporate bodyguard. But greed soon filled the belly of Max when he turned on Rogers and aligned himself with Silhouette. Max won the Hardcore title from Rogers the same night Rogers won it. Max lost the belt to Barry Horowitz 3 nights after suffering a serious leg injury in an automobile accident. The injury caused Max to be out of the ring and many question and wonder where he will stand upon his return. With the rise of Animal House and Silhouette's alliance with them makes for interesting speculation on which side Max will take. Despite him being a rule breaker, he always gets "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" from the crowd on virtually every move.

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