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NAME: Ricky Vandal
WEIGHT: 240lbs.
HOMETOWN: The Streets and Back Alleyways of your Neighborhood and Community
FINISHER: Vandalizer
ALLIES: Tommy Vandal & Johnny Vandal
TITLES HELD: FOW Tag Team 4x with Tommy Vandal, 2001 Most Popular Wrestlers with Tommy & Johnny Vandal.
CAREER MOMENTS: Entered the FOW in 2001 with brother Tommy and the team became extremely popular in every demographic. Young kids, especially teenage girls, adore the Vandalz. He and Ricky became the first team to hold the FOW Tag Team Titles 3x, and are the only team to hold the titles 4x. Together with Ricky, the two are undoubtedly the best tag team to come through the FOW ever. Ricky is the biggest of the three Vandalz at 6'4 and 240lbs. Ricky scored a nice upset over FOW Champion Billy Fives on FOW TV in a non-scheduled match, Jodi X counted the pinfall and thus the belt did not change hands. Expect greatness from Ricky Vandal.


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