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NAME: Sean Allen (Sycho Sean) (Mr. Right)
WEIGHT: 229lbs.
HOMETOWN: Catskill, New York
FINISHER: Death Valley Driver
MANAGER: Lew Spectre
ALLIES: Dennis Allen
TITLES HELD: FOW Tag Team 2x w/Dennis Allen, FOW Tag Team w/Flex Magnum, FOW Six Man Tag with Dennis Allen & Derek Allen, 2000 Tag Team of the Year w/ Dennis Allen, 2001 (tie) Match of the Year w/Dennis Allen vs. Al Bino & Chris Charger.
CAREER MOMENTS: Broke into wrestling through his cousin Dennis Allen but wanted to distance himself and make a name for himself on his own. First entered the FOW as Tank Morgan and formed the Extreme Militia with Commander Flex Magnum. He and Flex were not considered a top ranked tag team but were able to score a big upset and dethrone then champs Anthony Michaels & Jeff Roth (Wild Side) and end their 10 month title reign. They eventually lost the titles back to Roth & Michaels and split up. Once Sean was established he and Dennis began teaming and enjoyed much success. The two are still together today and one of the top tag teams in the FOW.


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