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NAME: Silhouette
WEIGHT: She won't tell.
HOMETOWN: Miami, Florida
REPRESENTS: Billy Fives, Chris Charger, Anthony Michaels, Jeff Roth (Animal House)
TITLES HELD: 2001 Manager of the Year
CAREER MOMENTS: Silhouette was brought into the FOW by Bobby Rogers when he and Jodi X were not on speaking terms. There was nothing between the two, she was merely there to make Jodi X jealous, and it worked. Her and Jodi had some classic FOW battles in the ring, in the locker room, in the streets, etc. She later used her manipulative ways to convince Corporate Bodyguard Maximum Capacity to turn on Rogers so she could be in control. She now shares managerial duties with Blare Rogers for the Animal House. She is very sneaky outside the ring and will interject herself at any chance she has. Ask the Sandman, who took a dropkick and hurricanrana from her which lead to Chris Charger defeating him for the Hardcore Title on TV. Not only is she a ringside manager but she is still an active wrestler.

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